January 2022

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Monday, January 10, 2022
6:30 – 8:00 pm: Business Meeting / Program



Ringorang: Software with a Performance-First Approach

The relationship between learning and performance has been the Holy Grail for corporate learning professionals for a long time.  Think ADDIE framework, Kirkpatrick levels, etc. Most efforts to crack this code have been siloed and focused either on design or measurement.  Enter “big learning data”, the relatively new focus on brain-based learning, and the growing role of HR and L&D at the strategy table. These trends have fostered a new generation of tools and techniques to take a run at performance support. But they will rely on more than just learning design and satisfaction assessment.  They will use multiple techniques from both the learning and advertising industries. They will engage learners in the flow of work. They will track their learning progress against defined organizational goals.  Ringorang, a human performance technology that provides a gamified micro-learning mobile app, is a new user gateway to these techniques.  It offers a performance and habit formation design approach that productizes time-tested techniques. The app delivers learning engagement through short but highly curated micro-learning. And Ringorang leverages the power of digital marketing techniques to empower enterprises to manage user engagement.

This program will focus on:

  • Summarizing the evolving link between learning and performance support
  • Introducing and breaking down the ASK methodology of learning and habit design
  • Demonstrating a robust micro-learning engagement tool
  • Illustrating application of Ringorang and its performance support approach at IBM Consulting and in other real-life case studies


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Ken Stockman, is a Senior Learning Strategist with IBM Consulting.  He has been in the talent development arena since 2013, first as a global facilitator for IBM Core Skills training and then as the global owner of the Consulting and Early Professional Hire education portfolios.  He currently owns the Customer and Industry Transformation learning portfolios and is responsible for IBM Consulting’s interactive design, enterprise strategy, digital marketing and commerce, mobile, and Salesforce education worldwide.  Ken started life at IBM as a business and technology strategy consultant, participating in large business transformation projects with clients in the US Public Sector.

Prior to arriving at IBM, Ken’s focus was on marketing and product development at several public and private organizations, including his own marketing consulting firm.  Ken has worked globally over his career, including spending time at a startup in Mountain View, CA in a building that is now part of the Googleplex and that called a relatively unknown (at the time) start up called LinkedIn as a neighbor.  Ken lives with his wife Maria and his little Jack Russel Terrier, Lulu, in the Green Mountains of Vermont where he enjoys spending as much of his very rare non-working time outside, in and around nature.  Ken and Maria have five kids (and two current and two pending grandchildren), none of whom are home any longer but all of whom are welcome at any time.

In Robert’s early career, he worked with entertainment and advertising brands, including Disney, CBS and Coca-Cola. Applying his storytelling experience to the learning sciences, Robert innovated the ASK Methodology, which he embedded in the Ringorang® human performance software solution. Robert tested this “performance first” method in the energy industry. He worked with the U.S. Department of Energy, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories and multiple universities in clinical trials that proved the impact of this approach to impacting human behavior. The Performance Improvement Journal published the results of these research studies. Robert and has given talks globally on gamification, microlearning and delivering behavior change, while supporting numerous Fortune 1000 companies to transform their learning practices into measurable performance support.