April, 2017

Topic: Learner Engagement Models and Scenarios

Date: Monday, April 10, 2017


6:00 – 6:30 pm: Networking

6:30 –¬†8:00 pm:¬†Business Meeting / Program


The term “learner engagement” has become increasingly popular in education and training circles, where the ability to engage learners is seen as an indication of increased learning success. We’re all interested in getting our learners “engaged,” but how do we define learner engagement? What does that mean in terms of strategies and practical activities? What does it look like? How do we get there? This presentation will address:

  • Four frameworks/models for understanding and building learner engagement
  • The use of embedded questioning to spark engagement
  • The use of scenarios to foster engagement and applied learning


Dr. Katie Nelson is an anthropologist, educator, and instructional designer. She is also a certified Quality Matters Peer Reviewer and an experienced online and face-to-face college instructor. She currently works at Inver Hills Community College as a professor of anthropology. Dr. Nelson is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese and conversant in Arabic. She serves as the Digital Learning Forum’s webmaster.

Nancy Hendrickson is the Director of Academic Technology at St. Catherine University, where she leads a team of instructional designers and academic technologists in support of digital learning. She has been involved in designing instruction for online learners for over twenty years, both in academic and business settings, and she is passionate about engaging students through active learning strategies. She holds Master’s degrees in Educational Psychology along with Curriculum and Instructional Systems from the University of Minnesota.