March 2023

Monday, March 13, 2023
6:30 – 8:00 pm: Business Meeting / Program



Project Manager Tools

This program will focus on:

  • The reason to understand and employ project management concepts.
  • High-level project management process (why, what, how, and where).
  • The recommended operational philosophies towards Project Management.
  • Using project management tools for Waterfall, Agile, Incremental, and Iterative style.
  • Any/all of the following project management tools (based on attendee preferences) in terms of definition, contents, and use:
    1. Project Charter
    2. Task List or Schedule (Gantt Chart)
    3. Risk Plan
    4. Communications Plan
    5. Issues Log
    6. Decisions Log
    7. Actions Log
    8. Change Control
    9. Other Tools (Training Plan, Job Aid, Test Plan…)
    10. Meetings (from 1-1 to status broadcasting) and Status Reporting
    11. Post-Project Review


This meeting will be available synchronously via Zoom.

To virtually attend the meeting:

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  • Go to:
  • Select: Join Meeting.
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Using headphones usually provides better sound quality than relying on your computer’s speakers. Please keep in mind that we do not have the resources to provide professional-quality audio and video. The connection should be available by about 6:20 p.m. on the day of the meeting. DLF is an all-volunteer/free organization. We cannot provide technical support and are not directly affiliated with UST. Please do not contact UST if you experience problems signing in.


Ben Johnson is a 35-year IT professional with experience in the following areas of both Waterfall and Agile projects as a:

  • Project Manager (Project Charter creation through post-project reviews)
  • Business Analyst (requirements definition and management to fulfillment)
  • Test Lead (developing and perform testing of a project’s solution)
  • Training Developer and Deliverer of that training

He started his career as a corporate content developer and trainer, migrating to test development and test lead roles, eventually landing work as a business analyst and project manager, and continues to practice his trade today.

Ben is an advocate for treating all project components as system based. This means that the creation of, and changes to, any project component potentially impacts other components and needs to be actively controlled and shared with the Project Team.